by Philippe Hiquily

Ferus Gallery is proud to present “Marathonienne” by Philippe Hiquily (1925-2013), one of the very last edition for sale on the first market.


The sculpture is presented on the terrace of the gallery located on the new harbor of Saint-Jean-Cap -Ferrat (French Riviera).

It is an honor to present this very last edition of “Marathonienne” by Philippe Hiquily for sale; dated 1981, edition 2004, steel and black epoxy paint, 137,8 Inches, signed and numbered 4/8, 780 Kilos.

Dr. Malika Vinot, Coordinator of the Catalogues Raisonné Ph. Hiquily at Loft Gallery, states that the softness of her curves contrasts with the rigor of her composition (the perfect geometry of a circle divided in three angles of 120°on a central axis); adding that this modern sports woman, “immortalised in an ultimate moment of grace, both strong and untameable, is rendered vulnerable by the stolen moment in which she seems suspended.”

History of the sculpture…

Philippe Hiquily loved women and to prove it he spent nearly 65 years of his life exploring their shapes and lines, artistically playing with their sexual attributes or flirting with their sensual sweetness.


His relationship to the fair sex was expressed above all through her metalwork. Physical, even muscular in the hammering of sheets; ardent and carnal in the welds which outlined the anatomies; tender and lascivious in the polishing of volumes; subtle and demanding in the arrangement of forms and balances, he knew how to bring out from a few plates of iron, brass or steel compositions full of charm, poetry and humor.


Through his sculptures we perceive concerns close to those which had guided the artistic practice of Calder, an artist he admired infinitely.


Seize the movement in all its aspects, moving in dangerous balances in the most monumental stabiles, defy gravity or develop complex mechanisms. Everything, in the end, is built to simply grab hold of the elusive.


Hiquily’s work, like its creator, is powerful and discreet, and the Marathonienne, more than any of her sculptures, has become a true icon of the noble and quiet intensity of her art. .


This smaller, more intimate edition, however, pays homage to the lines and curves of the original 6-meter sculpture that Hiquily produced for the Sports Center in the city of Vitry sur Seine in 1981.

La Marathonienne de Philippe Hiquily à Saint-Germain-des-Près à Paris
« Marathonienne » exhibited Place Saint Germain des près, Paris France.
Dessin technique de la Marathonienne de Philippe Hiquily

From Paris to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat



Celebrated and presented all over the world, Phillipe Hiquily is today one of the most collected sculptor, thanks to the American television series Billions.

Below, a “Marathonienne” exhibited in a luxurious villa over the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Below, Didier Viltart, Director of Ferus gallery is talking about “Marathonienne” by Philippe Hiquily.

Ferus gallery is proud to sale the very last “Marathonienne” available on the first market



Please contact us if you are interested by purchasing this amaizing sculpture.

La Marathonienne d'Hiquily sur le parvis de la Ferus Gallery
Philippe Hiquily and « Marathonienne » in Paris, France.
La sculpture d'Hiquily sur le parvis de la Ferus Gallery
Didier Viltart, director of Ferus gallery and “Marathonienne” on the terrace of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Cap Ferrat Magic !

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, the famous resort on the Riviera (France) :

Television reveals it

Marathonienne (the woman marathon runner) is one of Hiquily’s most iconic sculptures. it is central to many cultural events in Europe and all over the world and revealed to a wide audience thanks to the American television series Billions where a sculpture stand in the Manhattan’s loft of the hero.