by Philippe Hiquily

Ferus Gallery is very honored to exhibit one of Philippe Hiquily‘s most famous sculptures: l’Aurige (the Charioteer).


The work can be discovered at the gallery, on the Port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, near the Harbor Master’s Office.


Didier Viltart, director of the Ferus Gallery, is pleased to welcome you to discover this unique masterful piece by Philippe Hiquily, inspired by the ancient sculpture the Charioteer of Delphis, and which has a particular meaning in the peninsula, where the Ancient Greek history has marked the territory.

La Ferus Gallery remercie la Galerie Loft à Paris pour ses efforts ayant permis la mise à disposition et l'exposition de l'Aurige de Philippe Hiquily dans les locaux de la Ferus Gallery



Patinated brass
Unique piece
Height: 140 cm, Width: 92 cm, Prof. : 66cm
Signed with the artist’s stamp, undated


This work is listed in the artist’s Catalog Raisonné (vol. I, Page 375), under the reference number: 553 – 97.Scu.Aur.PU.Lt.140

Un peu d’histoire…

We know the influence that the “Primary Arts” had on the work of the sculptor Philippe Hiquily. The artist was first a great collector of African art before building up a magnificent collection of Oceanian arts. But we know less about Philippe Hiquily, admirers of the Great Masters of Western sculpture and its founding fathers, the classical Greek sculptors.


With l’Aurige (the Charioteer), Philippe Hiquily makes a direct reference to “The Charioteer of Delphi” (5th century BC). One of the most famous and best preserved ancient statues to date (Delphi Archaeological Museum, Greece).


This unique piece in hammered brass features a charioteer welded onto a two-wheeled steel axle. The character with the expressive face, rare in Philippe Hiquily, with his hollow eyes, his nose and his toothy smile evokes with humor the Greek original.


The artist’s choice to depict the wheels of the chariot as well as the bisexuality of the driver with male and female organs, shows us another ancient inspiration for the work, that of Hermaphrodite, son of Aphrodite and Hermes possessing both male and female genitalia. Like almost all Greek deities, Hermaphrodite is distinguished by characteristic attributes, one of which is a chariot pulled by swans.


“L’Aurige” by Philippe Hiquily honors ancient Greek myths and particularly resonates with the ancient history of the Cap Ferrat peninsula. Even before the Romans left the remains found at La Turbie or Cimiez, the coastline of the Nice region was already known to the Greeks who had colonized Marseille. A few years ago, we discovered the remains of a 5th century Greek anchor in the nearby Baie des Fourmis in Beaulieu.


We would like to sincerely thank the Galerie Loft in Paris which today allows us to admire this exceptional work at the Ferus Gallery.

L'Aurige de Delphes
Above, the Charioteer of Delphi, currently on display at the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, Greece.
Dessin de l'Aurige d'Hiquily

Philippe Hiquily, a master of modern sculpture


Philippe Hiquily’s work enjoys worldwide recognition, as evidenced by the sales records recently established at international auctions. Because his work is truly unique and original, of high quality both aesthetically and intellectually.


Ferus Gallery and Galerie Loft are working, in the artist’s country of origin, France, and beyond our borders, to disseminate the work of Philippe Hiquily. The exhibitions of masterpieces regularly offered by our gallery have enabled it to acquire a high-level reputation both in the region and in Monaco, where many of our collectors reside.


The Ferus Gallery will welcome you every day to help you discover the sculpture, and its history…

Below, some other pictures of the charioteer taken from other angles.

L'Aurige de Philippe Hiquily, présentée à la Ferus Gallery de Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.

Below is a video presentation of Philippe Hiquily’s Aurige.

Didier Viltart, director of the Ferus Gallery, is particularly proud to exhibit Philippe Hiquily’s Charioteer in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.



We invite you to contact us from this page if you are interested in acquiring this exceptional work.

Dessin de l'Aurige d'Hiquily

The Magic of Cap Ferrat

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