A 180cm “Epicurean” by Philippe Hiquily installed on the terrace of Ferus Gallery

In 2010, the owner of the most famous golf course in Marrakech, Golfe Al Maaden, a great admirer and friend of Philippe Hiquily, commissioned the artist to create a unique version of the “Marathonienne” to be installed in the sumptuous decor of the clubhouse.


Some time later, very annoyed, he returned to the Artist’s Merchant and told him: “that he cannot install the “Marathonienne”, which nevertheless represents a tall woman with her legs apart”… General desolation, Philippe Hiquily leaves for Tahiti to spend the winter.


On the way back, he presents “l’Epicurienne”, who is still a tall woman with tight legs.


The artist’s last work, L’Epicurienne is recognized today as the ultimate masterpiece of a sculptor who knew how to construct, as Alain Jouffroy writes in the preface to the catalog raisonné, “a veritable mythology of ‘eroticism’.


Épicurienne de Philippe Hiquily

Épicurienne de Philippe Hiquily

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