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Set of 6 plates by Arman



Through these series of plates edited by Galerie Loft for its collection Art for All (© Courtesy Galerie Loft, Paris), Arman, Ben and César, these three great artists from the international scene come to put themselves at the service of gastronomy and share our daily lives.

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Serie of 6 plates “Les cadres éclatés”. Interpretation of the 6 decorative styles, from Louis XIII to Louis XVI. Diameter: 27,5cm.

Arman is an artist, originally from Nice, a naturalized American citizen died in 2005. He’s known for collecting objects and his ever-famous tantrums. He is part of the new realistic artist group, which was mainly founded by Cesar. Initially, Arman studied at Ecole des Arts decoratifs in Nice where he met Yves Klein, the he went to Ecole du Louvre. Arman is curious about the nature of an object compared to their link with modern societies, between sacralization and consumption. He “collects” objects according to quantitative logic which doesn’t make them unique anymore, an image of profusion, underlining the fact that these items can be expired in the world where people are prone to consumption. Though, destruction is present in his works but under the form of anger and combustion. Th artist has portrayed hundreds of public areas in the cities around the globe, through the creation of imposing works.