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Set of 6 plates by Ben



Through these series of plates edited by Galerie Loft for its collection Art for All (© Courtesy Galerie Loft, Paris), Arman, Ben and César, these three great artists from the international scene come to put themselves at the service of gastronomy and share our daily lives.

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Serie “A propos d’artistes…”. Serie of 6 plates, in porcelaine. Diameter: 26,5 cm. Printed in black and white. Each plate is signed and numbered.

Ben or Benjamin Vautier, is a French artist of Swiss origin, born on July 18, 1935 in Naples, Italy. He spent the first five years of his life in Naples. After a few years between Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt, his mother of the artist chose to move to Nice in 1949. Known for his handwritten slogans in white letters on a black background, Ben did not hesitate to make money out of his talent, so he worked with various industries producing series of notebooks, kits, workbooks, etc. sold in many popular shops. Ben defines his art as an “art of appropriation”, stating that “I systematically tried to sign everything that has not been signed. I believe that the art is in the…