Opening of the exhibition “All Alive” by Thierry Bisch in Monaco

On Thursday April 28, 2022, the opening of the exhibition of drawings by Thierry Bisch took place at the Grands Chais Monégasques in Monaco. The event was aptly named – “All Alive” – ​​with an enthusiastic audience of collectors and friends who came in large numbers to admire the splendid latest works of our painter. Felines, horses, raccoons, elephants, etc… it’s everyone alive, witness to this abundant biodiversity that our precious Earth offers us, who have taken over the walls of the Grands Chais. There, in a setting unique in Monaco, amidst thousands of bottles of wine, grand crus and exceptional spirits, Thierry Bisch‘s pencil drawings on paper took on a powerful resonance: there is animal in us… for the worse, some would say, but also for the better! this is how we like to come together after an endless pandemic to toast together and raise our glasses to life and its artistic celebration!



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