Artists’ words: Jérémy Taburchi

“Art sublimates the world” said my concierge, flicking the feather duster on the Formica furniture in the hall.


I looked at her with tenderness, all the confidence offered to one of these pleasant little moment which constituted my days.


That was twenty years ago. An eternity! But these sweet moments lasted, and the vagaries of life had not spoiled the pleasure they offered me until …




It only took a microscopic virus, a peddling pangolin and the interconnected hysteria of the modern world to bring our lifestyles – and our souls – to their knees. Then, what remained of our illusions of freedom and omnipotence? Not much… except the intimate hope waiting for our lockdows release, for an hour, for a tiny mile, for a single breath of fresh air.


This weird moment, some have sublimated it in writing, others in artistic production. Because we must remember that artistic creation is above all a matter of necessity. It is often in the face of pain, drama, sometimes by plunging into passion, into desire, that the artist finds the energy that elevate him to grace. I myself drew a lot at that time.


Today that we live again freely, what are we going to do with it?


For my part – like everyone else – I want to make the most of it, and I want to enjoy a simple and summer life. I want to work a little too.


I want to paint very large pictures, all crazy and happy, and I wan’t to show them to you and to share my passion with you.


I want to meet you and talk with you, at Didier Viltart‘s, at the Ferus Gallery, accompanied by the music offered by the waves of the Mediterranean which caress the dikes of the Port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.


Will you come? I expect you there.


Come please…


Jeremy Taburchi


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