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The Nautile, acrylic painting on canvas by Taburchi

The painting of Jérémy Taburchi, a journey through art

One of the most talented young painter of the “Nouvelle école de Nice”, Jérémy Taburchi was born in Nice in 1974. Troughout the years, the artist developed his art by giving life to a playful and colorful character he named “the Pink Cat”. The character

Small painting Pink Cat by Jérémy Taburchi

Artists’ words: Jérémy Taburchi

"Art sublimates the world" said my concierge, flicking the feather duster on the Formica furniture in the hall.   I looked at her with tenderness, all the confidence offered to one of these pleasant little moment which constituted my days.   That was twenty years ago. An eternity! But

In the workshop of … Jérémy Taburchi

The Ferus Gallery presents today one of its artists in the person of Jérémy Taburchi.   Born in Nice in 1974, the creator of the famous Chat Rose explains his career and his inspirations.   Click on this link to discover a sample of the artist's works.

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