Artists’ Words : Thierry Bisch

At the very beginning of spring, the world took a break. It came as no surprise to me, I had expected an event for a long time. The frenzied rush into the absurd, the destruction of the living for fleeting profit, the obscene glorification of appearances and useless things, had to meet a limit. Whatever it was.


For over a decade I have been at the bedside of non-human species as I watch helplessly, inexorably die out. To alert, I paint them slowly fading away.


For long weeks, I was content to embrace, every hour of the day, the silence of men and the return of birdsong. No more a plane in the sky, no more an engine, the masters of the world had just been struck down by a little thing so tiny they couldn’t even see it …


Then one morning, I put the studio away and started drawing. Humble and touching beings. Little donkeys, little pigs, cubs, fragile beings to whom we owe all our attention and respect.


Thierry Bisch



Une édition limité des lapins drapeaux US par Thierry Bisch

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