Limited editions

Limited prints by Markus Klinko




A luxury artist’s portfolio in a limited edition of 100


21 original works of art

21 iconic subjects

21 October – on sale

21 December – first delivery

21 thousand US dollars – estimated starting price

21 sets – supporting hope & healing through charitable donations



This dated, signed and numbered limited-edition boxed set of 21 original artworks represents the vision of internationally renowned photographer Markus Klinko, whose luminous portraits document the larger-than-life icons of 21st-century pop culture. Taken over 21 years (2000-2021), the images comprise a chronological archive of the era’s most creative, diverse and compelling celebrities, including a Klinko self-portrait.


This project was created in collaboration with NGI inc. and its talents that together celebrate diversity and inclusivity and use the power of creativity to heal the planet.


When photographing an artist, I always desire to create a work that truly defines them and can serve as a milestone in pop culture history. Those are ambitious and lofty goals, but it is what I am thinking about when I pick up my camera.


Markus Klinko


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Laetitia Casta, The Web, 2000, New York
David Bowie, The Cross, 2001, New York
Pharrell Williams, 2002, New York
Beyonce, Dangerously in Love, 2003, New York
Britney Spears, The Forest, 2004, New York
Mariah Carey, MIMI, 2005, New York
Jennifer Lopez, 2006, New York
The Angel, 2007, New York
Aubrey O’Day, The Table, 2008, New York
Lady Gaga, Hello Kitty, 2009, London
KAWS x Lindsay Lohan, 2010, New York
Daphne Guinness, The Lake, 2011, New York
Olivia Wilde, 2012, New York
Dita Von Teese, The Arrival, 2013, Los Angeles
Lili Simmons, 2014, Los Angeles
Iman, 2015, New York
French Playboy, 2016, Los Angeles
Laura Pausini, 2017, Rome
Freida Pinto, 2018, Los Angeles
Billie Eilish, Triptych, 2019, Los Angeles
Markus Klinko, 2020, Los Angeles
Loren Gray, Piece of Work, 2021, Los Angeles